Back To Before, Can Never Forget…

(From a hot summer day in Seattle, July 11th, 2014)


Took a different route to work today because this beautiful clear sunny day warrants it!  Feeling spontaneous and opened to explore, I wandered onto a remote two-lane country road that looked like it had stretched out perfectly straight for miles, with tall grass on either side, as Americana as you can get…  Rolling down the windows, feeling the wind hitting my face and through my hair, I smiled and breathed in the morning air, already warm and ripe for a hot summer day to come.  And I had the road all to myself…

Suddenly, the tall grass on the right side of the road disappeared and I came to a clearing.  I looked over and— it was as if I was a hang-glider who had just made my run off a cliff, feeling the ground drop out from under me— a passenger train, in full motion.  The morning sun hitting against its shiny steel body, gleaming and strong, in full speed.  I couldn’t look away.  I checked back on the road, there were no other cars.  I accelerated and chased the train catching up with its speed, taking off and soaring like that hang-glider.  Suddenly felt tingling down my spine and I remembered— the same joy I felt when I was 7 or 8 when I flew a kite for the first time and it took off in the wind, I ran and ran with it on that field, trying to chase it— that moment came right back to me and I felt like I was a kid again, chasing this train.  It just so happened at this moment, Audra McDonald’s booming voice came on my playlist singing Back To Before:

There are people out there
Unafraid to feel sorrow
Unafraid of tomorrow
Unafraid to be weak
Unafraid to be strong [swelling key change]
There was a time when you were the person in motion
We can never go back to before.


Just pure joy.  And all because I took a different route.

We can never go back, but we sure can never forget.

To the kid in all of us.

Have a wonderful day!



My Neighbor Totoro by Hayao Miyazaki, originally released in 1988.